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About Contineo

Con ("Together")​ - Teneõ ("I Hold") : To Hold or Keep Close Together, Surround, Contain and Connect.

Contineo's philosophy is simple; create, develop, and modernize brands for the 21st century. This is done with consistent reflection on what a brand stands for and connecting its ideas, services, and products with the rest of the market. A structured plan, design & strategy is the start of all successful ventures.

Think of the Contineo team as your architects.

Work Desk

Our Expertise

The Contineo team is a group of collaborative designers with experience from several industries. Understanding the modern marketplace is key in what we do. We create tools to maximize your opportunities and get the most out of your business. Whether you represent a global company or plan to build from the ground up, no project is too big or too small for the Contineo team.

Design Book

Entirely Unique Design

We know you have big ideas and it's our job to deliver. Unique applications, approaches and product offerings are what we do.

Fancy Camera

A Continued Partnership

We're here for you, the best results come from continued communication, feedback, and brainstorming. Let's get started.


We are entirely committed to our clients, creativity, and every new project. It's a big deal to you and a promise from us. 

Tablet User

The Tiny

In today's marketplace it's the minute details that stand out.  Taking the extra step to get the little things right is the best way to make a memorable impression.

Cooking Eggs

Our Quality Guarantee

We are proud of what we do and we are confident that you will be satisfied with any services provided by Contineo. As part of our service packages, you will receive a 3-month guarantee on all websites and content, continued support on all active programs, and all original files, content, or licenses that were opened. ​

Should an issue arise at any time, the Contineo team will be with you to work through it. The best results are driven by communication between our team and your ideas throughout the entire process. It is our job to ensure your vision is met by a creative and strategic solution while providing the highest level of service. We stand by our work and will set you up with the necessary tools to move forward once a project is complete.


At Contineo, we offer continued support for a variety of programs as well as ongoing consulting for services like content management, digital advertising, and copy-writing. Services can also be extended for website maintenance and updates or changes in product catalogues. Remember, Contineo is here for you, your ideas, and materializing your thoughts; if you aren't satisfied then neither are we.

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