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Analytics & Reporting

Software like Google Analytics 4 and Search Console are essential tools to understand how users are interacting with your website, applications, and ultimately products. The ability to see what users are engaged with, how they perceive elements of your site, or how long they spend on each page can be valuable insights to further optimize your platforms.

West Coast

Website Analytics Solutions

Contineo Lab Analytics & Reporting

Reporting on analytics can be less complicated than you think, creating detailed dashboards and breakdowns of the metrics that you value is Contineo's specialty. We'll walk you through each doashboard & customize the report to your needs.


  • GA4 is being used on 14 million websites

  • Facebook Pixel is active on 6 million website

  • According to Accenture, 81% of businesses don't have a solid strategy for their data

By the Numbers

Analytics reporting

With so many tools and platforms to choose from, tracking and reporting metrics can be tricky despite all of the data at your fingertips. Understanding the meaning behind metrics allows your business to make informed decisions for marketing and sales funnels.


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