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Search Engine Optimization

How often do you click through to the second page of Google? Yeah... us either.

Nearly 90% of all clicks on Google come from results on the first page. If your business isn't ranking organically, users won't find you. Contineo's SEO experts boost your site's visibility to the searches that matter for your business.

West Coast

SEO Experts

Rivit Technology partners site built by Contineo Lab
  • 55% of all website traffic comes from organic sources

  • Google receives 90% of all internet searches

  • 60% of all shopping occurs online first

By the Numbers

Finding the keywords that are relevant to your business can be more complicated than it seems. Understanding how rankings are determined is a crucial step in choosing the right objectives for each of your pages. 

Keyword Optimization

Optimizing SEO is an ongoing initiative that takes multiple forms, trial and error, and various strategies. We use data-driven insights to optimize, the site for clickthrough rate, engagement rate, and increased conversions.

Data-Driven Solutions

Website impression analytics
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